Watch Projects

Here's a quick look at some of my favorite watches!

1979 Heuer 8440 quartz dive watch

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1979 Heuer 8440 Dive Watch

This is my 1978 Heuer 8440 quartz dive watch that I’ve had since high school, which had not run for over 30 years! In my quartz wrist watch repair tutorial video, I showed how to disassemble and repair a quartz watch movement, explained how a quartz watch movement works, and showed a variety of watch repair tools and how to use them. Please click the image to view the video!

1953 Bulova Commodore manual wind men's wristwatch

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1953 Bulova Commodore

This was my Dad's wristwatch ― his only wristwatch ― which I remember him wearing as I was growing up. When I inherited the watch, it wasn't setting or winding... in fact, it was completely locked up! But now it's running and looking awesome, and I'm thrilled to be wearing it. I documented the restoration of this wristwatch in a three-part video series on my YouTube channel. Please click the image to watch...

1959 Omega Speedmaster 300

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1959 Omega Seamaster 300

This watch was a gift from a watch-loving uncle that I received when I was a teenager. I credit this Omega with starting my own love of wristwatches. The watch has not been serviced in over 40 years, and I am working at building my skills to the point where I can service it myself on the channel. It still runs (a little fast) and I still like to wear it from time to time. The only thing I've done to it is polish the crystal with Polywatch, and ― WOW ― it made a huge difference! You can click the image to watch the 'before and after' video. 

1971 Omega Speedmaster Professional Mark II

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1971 Omega Speedmaster Professional Mark II

I've had this Omega Speedmaster Professional Mark II since I was a young adult, and it's a real looker! The watch is currently at Omega in Switzerland for a complete factory overhaul. Before I sent it out, I made a video taking a deep look at the condition of the watch...on the outside and on the we have something to compare it to when I get it back. You can watch the video by clicking the image!

Early 1960s Benrus DN2A

Collecting Bargain Vintages Watches video - click the image

1960-ish Benrus DN2A

I am right in the middle of a major overhaul on this Benrus DN2A men's watch from the very early 1960's. This watch was in the worst shape of any of the bargain watches I've been buying to learn on. I'll be doing some videos on my progress ― but in the meantime, please check out my 'Collecting Bargain Vintages Watches' video by clicking on the image! 

1970s Caravelle by Bulova men's wristwatch

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1970-ish Caravelle by Bulova

This early 1970's Caravelle watch is the only watch in my collection that was made in West Germany. I recently acquired it at a local flea market. Of all my bargain watches, this one is by far the most accurate and strongest runner, and I've been wearing it a lot! All I've done to it is polish the case, Polywatch the the crystal and lock-tite the crown back onto the winding stem. You can view my Flea Market Road Trip video about this watch and 3 others I found the same day by clicking the photo.